Money Ta Blow

by Counterattack

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released May 25, 2016

Recorded by Evan Perino



all rights reserved


Counterattack New York

Long Island Hardcore


First show
w/ Old Wounds, Jukai, Sanction and more...

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Track Name: Fuel My Rage
Fueled by this fire, burning inside
I don't know where to go or where to confide
Suffer this pain you put me through
Its coming back around to bite you
And there's no coming back no coming back from this

The judgements you made
The looks you gave
And all the lies you told me
Fuel my rage
Track Name: Never
I will never follow the crowd
Stay true to what I believe
Never change for anyone
Cause this is who I am

Who do you think you are to try and change this
When you just follow the crowd and hop on every new trend bitch

Never change for anyone
Cause this is who I am
Track Name: Counterattack
Coming for you
Time to fight back
This is my counterattack

Run your mouth all you want
You are nothing but a fucking flaunt
Talk the talk, you'll never stop this
You'll never stop my fight

Going out looking for you
When we meet, this shit is through

You'll feel the knife cut deep
Into the skin of a fucking sheep
Track Name: Hell & Back
Through this war
We fight unlike the others
Just to protect and defend my brothers

Stand side by side
We remain forever
Kill for each other
We remain together

Until the day I fucking die
When I'm put to rest
I'll keep my promise to you
And always do my best
To hell and fucking back
I will go for you
And to my brothers
I will always reign true